Saturday, August 15, 2009

David and Rosemary Talk

Today My Kerr organized to have David and Rosemary who had just came back from a trip to
Timor Leste to be able to come and visit us and give a insight in to the XO Laptops and the work they had been doing in Timor Leste which is also known as East Timor.They come in on thursday which is a double lesson so they would have enough time to talk to us during the talk Rosemary showed the class pictures of their trip on the projector.

Timor Leste is the east side side of an island that is just above Australia the west side is a part of Indonesia.Timor Leste is a very underdeveloped and is a third world country as Rosemary explained.The main language spoken in Timor Leste is Portuguese because Timor Leste was once a Portuguese colony.But more people are starting to speak Tetun which is local dialect in Timor Leste.

Most children in Timor Leste do not even attend school because it is not compulsory and instead stay home or roam the streets.The children who attend school have have very poor resources to help them to develop an education.

Most of the buildings in Timor Leste are badly damaged because of ongoing civil conflict in the region on top of that the building's are supplied with only 6 hours of electricity each day.

During their trip Rosemary had told us some of the things that David had done during the trip to Timor Leste . He taught the adults and the children how to use XO laptops and the VoIP phones which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol .Voip is when you make calls over the internet and is cheaper alternative to the normal landline which is hardly seen in Timor Leste because it is too expensive for the people living there.

The whole reason David and Rosemary had gone to Timor was to promote the XO laptop , to make the people in Timor Leste more familiar with the XO and to show them how it could be used to help them.

I quiet enjoyed this talk and apppicate the time David and Rosemary speaking talking with us. I learnt many things from the talk and I now have a better understanding of Timor Leste and what people like David and Rosemary are doing to improve it.

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  1. The presentation or format is good but your account does lack a bit in detail. Normally this would be a low pass but I am deducting late marks because it is two weeks late.