Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guest Speaker: Joel Stanley

Today we had Joel Stanley Student from the university of Adelaide who is currently studying computer system engineering come to our class to give to speak to us.This was different to the previous guest speakers David and Rosemary as we add to ask questions to Joel instead of him just speaking.One of the things i learnt bout Joel was that he became interested in computer system engineering when he went on a camp in year 11 to Adelaide university and they where promoting computer system engineering.

I also found out that he did his interim at Massachusetts institute of technology.While there Joel did an experiment where he put xos in oven to simulate the temperate of the sun in Thailand where the xos were to be distributed .Joel stayed in America for three months. He didn’t think of it as a job because he was having fun and was satisfied that he was helping disadvantaged children.

Joel told us
he is a fan of Linux because windows annoys him and because Linux is free to use and change.He then show us some pictures on the projector of the conference in Romania where gave a speech about the xo.Joel's favourite thing to do with the xo is a drop test in which you drop the xo on the ground and see if it breaks.Luckily for Joel he hasn't broke an xo yet.

In his free time Joel likes to read web comics called Xcase.Which he told us is very popular with fellow nerds like himself.Currenlty he is working on Linux version of Google chrome which is s web browser. One interesting thing that I learnt from joel was that the xo has a wireless antenna that will cushion the blow if you drop it.I enjoyed Joel coming in because I learnt many interesting things about him and the xo.