Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Complete a variety of labelled screenshots which illustrate the differences between these user interfaces.

Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003)

Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007)

Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community – didn’t work for us,)

Linux command line (similar to DOS)

My first preference is Windows (ribbons, contextual tabs, galleries – as in MSOffice 2007) because it is the one I am most familiar  with and find the easier to use.My second preference is Windows (WIMP – windows, icons, menus, pointers – as in MSOffice 2003) even thought there really isn't much of a difference overall between them I like the graphics  on the 2007 one better.My third preference is
Linux command line (similar to DOS) because I use Ubuntu at home and I find terminal easy to use if i want to customize Ubuntu .My forth preference is
Sugar (Frame replaces menubar, Journal replaces file system hierarchy, Community because it is my least favorite I don't like the design of it and constant freezing when you open more then 2 tabs.I found out that it is because the memory is not powerful enough to support more then a couple of tabs without freezing that's why it is my least favorite. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1)Rate each of the following out of 5:
Guest speaker: Rosemary about Timor Leste 4/5
Guest speak: Joel about the xo 4/5
Physics 4/5
SVG icon and Linux command line 3/5
Turtle Art 3/5
Other activity evaluation 5/5
Etoys 2/5
Scratch 4/5

2)Now write about
Three things that you learnt: Three things I learnt were how to create my own svg icon using html kit and then use terminal to upload it to sugar, taking notes while a guest is giving a talk and then use my notes to write a blog about the talk and creating variable shapes using turtle art.

Three things that you enjoyed:
Three things that you didn’t like: Three things that I didn’t like were making shapes on Turtle art, using terminal on sugar to upload svg image, I think they should make it more simpler to use and the scripts on Etoys because I was always deleting my scripts by accident and no being able to restore them I had to start again.

3)State which was the following with reasons:

Best, the best activity was Physics because it was easy to learn how to use and there where many fun things to do on there.

Worst, Turtle art was the worst activity because I didn’t really enjoy the math’s and angles aspect of turtle art and found it really difficult to operate.

Most interesting, the most interesting activity was the food force 2 activity which I download from the internet. I found it interesting because I was able to learn to learn information about world hunger while having fun playing the game.

Most difficult, Turtle art was the most difficult activity because unless I asked for help I really didn’t know what to do. I think a manual should be included with turtle art so it would be easier to operate

Is the xo or olpc a good idea for the children of the developing world? State your opinion and give reasons:
I think the xo is a good idea and great learning tool for the children of developing world because it is simple to use, compact and cheap to manufacture the only real problem with the xo is the sugar os which is loaded on it. Sugar os has many bugs in it that can ruin experience of using the xo otherwise its great.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food Force 2

Today in control technology,Mr Kerr told us that we would be using some new activities which he had downloaded onto the L drive. I chose Food Force 2 as my activity.This game was designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger.The aim of the game is to make a village that is self sustainable in terms of nutrition, housing, health, education , trading and selling of resources and upgrading infrastructure. There are six different key learning areas that are focused on in Food Force 2.They are strategy,sustainable development, trading,technology ,crisis management and collaboration.

There are many positives about Food Force 2 such as being able to download it free as it is open source software,being able to easily modify it and add extensions.It also has many negatives such as not being able to save on the xo version and not giving a clear direction on each level to what is needed to pass the level.Some interesting facts that I found that even thought the game is called food force when you search for it on Google you have to search for food force 2 or you will not find it,that the game was created by the world food program and that you can only save on the windows version game which seems strange to me because it was designed originally for the xo.I think the games is meant for children aged 8-12 but if you want to learn more about world hunger I think it is a good idea to play this game