Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food Force 2

Today in control technology,Mr Kerr told us that we would be using some new activities which he had downloaded onto the L drive. I chose Food Force 2 as my activity.This game was designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger.The aim of the game is to make a village that is self sustainable in terms of nutrition, housing, health, education , trading and selling of resources and upgrading infrastructure. There are six different key learning areas that are focused on in Food Force 2.They are strategy,sustainable development, trading,technology ,crisis management and collaboration.

There are many positives about Food Force 2 such as being able to download it free as it is open source software,being able to easily modify it and add extensions.It also has many negatives such as not being able to save on the xo version and not giving a clear direction on each level to what is needed to pass the level.Some interesting facts that I found that even thought the game is called food force when you search for it on Google you have to search for food force 2 or you will not find it,that the game was created by the world food program and that you can only save on the windows version game which seems strange to me because it was designed originally for the xo.I think the games is meant for children aged 8-12 but if you want to learn more about world hunger I think it is a good idea to play this game


  1. Interesting and great that you did your own research about the origin of the game

    The one thing you missed out was rating the game. Also I find it's better to centre images so that you don't get little bits of writing along the edge of them.

  2. I had trouble figuring out what to do after I made the first few buildings. Did you find better instructions somewhere?

    Definitely needs to save before its ready for kids!


  3. Hey the game is still under development, and yeah surely now you would be able to save on a XO also.
    As of now we are figuring out bout how to allow the user to make his own levels.
    Will keep you posted about the further development..!!
    Thanks for testing out the game.

    @Bill Kerr: 8/10 is the rating for the blog and research or the game?

    (FoodForce2 Dev)